About the PTO

The Excel Academy PTO is dedicated to supporting the education of our students through financial support, encouraging parent involvement and fostering community and relationships among the school, parents and teachers for the benefit of our children.

The members of the PTO are:

(a) any parent or legally appointed guardian of a child who is enrolled in the school, including said spouse; and

(b) all teachers and staff of the School, including, without limitation, the Executive Director of the School.

PTO Board Members

John Lovell - Vice President / Acting President

Hi! I have two kids at Excel, Grant is in 1st and Gannon is in 3rd. My wife, a former charter school teacher, opened my eyes to the real world of being a teacher. Through her experiences, I was able to see just a small piece of how crucial educators who have the right amount of support can make monumental changes in the life of their students. I joined the PTO board because I strongly believe in supporting teachers and want to utilize my skills in planning and expectation management to benefit the Excel community.

Davida Lemieux - Treasurer

Hello! I am excited to be your treasurer again for the 2021-2022 school year. I have two daughters - Leilah, in 6th grade, and Tatiana, in 2nd grade. We have been part of the Excel community for a couple of years now and absolutely love it! I look forward to meeting you and having a fun year

Louise Harvey - Secretary

Secretary - Hi! This is my second term as your PTO secretary. My son, Bryson, is in 4th grade. We love this community and can't wait to meet more families this year.

Alana Mace - General Board Member

Hi! I am thrilled to join the PTO Board for the 2021-2022 year! My daughter Lexie is in 2nd grade and has been an Excel Eagle since kindergarten! We love being a part of the Excel community and look forward to helping grow and foster it. I am excited to meet all of you!

Laura Anderson - ECC Coordinator

Hi! Last year was tough on all of us, but the Excel community is strong and I’m so looking forward to meeting our new families & reconnecting with our old ones in person this year! My kids are Barrett (5th grade) and Parker (2nd grade), and we’ve been at Excel since Barrett started Kindergarten. I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Non-Profit Status and Information:

Excel PTO

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Tax ID Number (EIN): 45-2440838

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