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Winter Carnival

This is a wonderful blend of holiday gift-making, along with student fundraising opportunities for field studies. Classrooms will be transformed for your kids to create handmade gifts for the holidays. In addition, there will be student-created and led festival activities, along with a boutique where students will sell their handcrafted merchandise or services. Volunteers can create a flier and newsletter blurb to promote the event to Excel families, set up the classrooms, help students set up vending spaces, donate craft supplies, design a program of craft activities and vendors, and/or clean up after the event. Volunteers with a flair for crafting can develop a handmade gift item and lead revolving small groups of children of all ages in recreating the craft.

Lunch Room /Eagle’s Nest Café

Be a part of this rewarding and less structured time of day. Sit with your children during their lunchtime! Toddlers and pre-schoolers love to accompany volunteers and watch the “big kids” in action. Every Monday-Friday, we need two or three volunteers from 10:30 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m to help serve lunch and provide assistance as needed. Volunteer once, once a week, once a month, for the entire time or for part of the time, whatever suits your schedule.

Twisted Penny

The Twisted Penny is a fun classroom competition to raise funds for our Specials Departments (Music, Art, P.E, and Spanish). The competition has a daily classroom winner and an assortment of prizes are awarded over the two-week period to the winning classes. Volunteers are neederooms. d daily during this two-week period to count the money collected for the day. Volunteers are also needed to assist with prize delivery to the winning classrooms. This is a fun way to raise money for our wonderful Specials department, while building camaraderie within the class.

Thanks-GIVING Drive

This fundraiser focuses on being thankful (during the Thanksgiving season) and on giving back. We collect thankful notes from staff, parents and students focusing on what they are thankful for about Excel. Families are encouraged to donate in honor of those “thankfuls.” We also collect food for the Arvada Food Bank and focus on giving to our community. Volunteers help collect food and promote the fundraiser. This is a heart-warming activity for those who volunteer – nothing better than reading what people love about our school!

Laps for Learning

Laps for Learning is an all-school event in which every child participates. Our purpose is to promote health and wellness while raising money for our school. Each lab will run/walk for a designated time allotted during school hours. Children are encouraged, but not required, to find donations. Last year we raised over $15,000 to purchase educational tools for the classrooms. Volunteers can solicit donations from local businesses, set up the route, set up and monitor the sound equipment, donate refreshments and prizes, cheer on the kids, and help clean up after the event.

Excel Community Connection (ECC)

The ECC’s focus is to help grow our school community by assisting families to bond and make connections. This committee aims to be a resource, a support, and a wealth of parent energy to our school – creating and maintaining connections between parents, families, and staff. Volunteers can serve in a variety of ways, some as simple as showing up and being a welcoming presence at ECC sponsored events such as Shadow Day, Half Day Picnics in the Park, Summer Play Dates, and the First day of School "Boo Hoo or Ya Hoo" parent event. Sign up to be a Buddy Family or Classroom Connection Parent or take a behind the scenes role and help with parent communication and logistics.

Staff Lounge Hospitality

Volunteers claim an entire week of the school year to provide treats and healthy snacks to the Staff Lounge. Any time spent shopping and prepping, as well as the dollar amount spent on any purchased items, count toward volunteer hours. Get creative or go with store-bought goodies – it will be well received!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Every spring, we shower the teachers and staff with gifts and tokens of our esteem. One volunteer can coordinate the entire week, by communicating with several other volunteers who will each coordinate an activity (such as breakfast, door prizes, handmade gifts, flowers, etc.), and many other volunteers can sign up to provide specific items.

Lab Liaison Parent

Do you like to be involved in your child’s classroom? Do you like making sure the teacher’s needs are being met? We look for at least one Lab Liaison for each grade. Lab Liaisons bring the needs of that specific Lab (Kinder, 1st, 2/3, 4/5, middle school) to the PTO Board’s awareness. They are the representatives for that lab at PTO meetings, and help communicate the needs of the teacher to the PTO. Lab Liaisons are expected to attend the majority of the PTO meetings (usually held 1 time per month in the evening) to report on the status of their Lab.