40+ Ways to Volunteer

40+ ways to Get 80 Hours...

During School Hours:

• Volunteer in your child’s class

• Assist in the cafeteria for lunch

• Aid in the library

• Go on a field trip

• Help during the class parties

• Be a sight word tester (K/1)

• Help with K/1 Shadow Day

• Fill weekly Friday Folders

• Share special skills with class that are relevant to school studies

• Help teacher set up / clean rooms

• Offer your expertise for STEM Day or Literacy Day

• Help with Twisted Penny classroom celebrations

• Assist with Laps for Learning

At Home

· Recharge your King Soopers card ($200 = 1 hour)

· Every $10 donated or spent on supplies = 1 hour

· Assist as hospitality host for staff snacks

· Help with Staff Appreciation Week

· Provide items for 8th grade Continuation

· Join the Outreach Committee

· Help with logistics of school fundraisers

· Assist in collecting photos for the yearbook

· Help count volunteer hour logs

· Volunteer to do Scholastic book orders

· Do take-home projects for a teacher

After School Hours:

• Help during summer with janitorial tasks (painting, weeds, etc.)

• Volunteer to help with Winter Carnival

• Attend an ECC event (mom’s night out, summer playdate)

• Chaperone an overnight field study

• Volunteer to help plan a PTO event

• Attend any of the monthly PTO meetings

• Work the PTO table at registration

• Attend any of the board meetings

• Become a PTO board member

• Help at fundraisers

• Join Running Club to help

• Assist the technology tech with maintenance

• Help maintain the Lost & Found

• Become a Board Member

• Assist with the Twisted Penny

• Donate food for Parent Conferences

• Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences

• Watch your child’s play

• Attend the Talent Show