Laps for Learning

Laps for Learning

Our students participated with their friends and classmates on Friday, April 17th. Students ran, walked, skipped, and jogged to some of their favorite songs! Our fundraiser was geared toward health and wellness, so students will be enriched with a fitness education experience aimed to achieve budget success for this school year.

Cick below to learn about who won this year's great prizes!

2019 Laps for Learning Race Results

Class with Most Laps = Traveling Trophy

K/1 - VanderVeer

2/3 - Coffey

4/5 - Tomko

6/7/8 - Lynch

Top Boy/Girl each class = Scrumptious Ice Cream Party


Adams (class avg. 10.76)

G: Audrey Payne (14)

B: Oscar Fleischman, Tatum Harryman, Austin Rensberger (13)

Zerr (class avg. 11.26)

G: Caroline Kinkaid, Emma Martinez (13)

B: Christopher Sullivan (17)

Maugh (class avg. 8.76)

G: Mackenzie Koon, Madeline Poe (11)

B: Henry Lake (13)

Van der Veer (class avg. 11.63)

G: Avery Ebbets (13)

B: Bridger Cope, Bryson Harvey (16)


Coffey (class avg. 17.32)

G: Luca Mestemaker (20)

B: Wyatt Roarty, Caden Koon (25)

Criswell (class avg. 14.41)

G: Giselle Ibarra Cazares (25)

B: Drake Fankhauser (23)

Ham (class avg. 15.48)

G: Bailey Chiapetta (17)

B: Adam Sias (23)

Namba (class avg. 14.48)

G: Camryn Girvan (21)

B: Mason Hilliard (22)

Williams (class avg. 14.12)

G: Alice Stoianov (22)

B: Owen Brugger, Nolan Mielke (25)


Byers (class avg. 17.56)

G: Savi Dorotik, Shushanik Colson (23)

B: Beau Work (25)

Kaschub (class avg. 17.54)

G: Olivia Sanders (22)

B: Liam Roarty (28)

Kay: (class avg. 17.88)

G: Grace Fonte (22)

B: Colin Quaratino (28)

Smith (class avg. 17.77)

G: Riley Hilliard (24)

B: Jacob Jennings (27)

Tomko (class avg. 19.83)

G: Liza Marschner (26)

B: Christian Mundt (29)


Hares (6) (class avg. 12.89)

G: Lila Dorotk, Ava Cabral (20)

B: Ian Quaratino (25)

Lynch (6) (class avg. 15.59)

G: Carina DuLong, Margaret Nelson, Kylee Ruhser (21)

B: Carson Petz (33) **highest number in school**

Cherry (7/8) (class avg. 13.76)

G: Olivia Vaillancourt (20)

B: Chamberlain Nocera (21)

Haberman (7/8) (class avg. 13.24)

G: Gabrielle Hartman (18)

B: Collin Downing (23)

Anderson (7/8) (class avg. 12.95)

G: Kiersten Ferris-Ramos (21)

B: Vincent Cabral (27)

Bortner (7/8) (class avg. 10.56)

G: Taylor Rhoades, Eva Welch (17)

B: Jeremiah Prystupa (12)

Pucket (7/8) (class avg. 13.25)

G: Ellison Namba (21)

B: Eamon Franks-Cassidy (21)

Sponsors- Thank You!

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