Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival - Dec 7th, 2019 10am-2pm

The Winter Carnival is a combination of the old Harvest Festival and Winter Workshop. We have the best of both events combined into one.

Carnival Games to Play!

Food for Purchase!

Winter and Holiday Gifts and Crafts to Make!

Scholastic Book Fair – Oh My!

Tickets for the crafts will be sold at the door, (20 tickets for $5.00) or pre-order 40 tickets and and get 5 extra.

Activities for 2019 TBD:

We will have Winter and Holiday crafts to make in the classrooms for you to make and then give as gifts to family or friends (or keep them yourself, we won't tell!) Bring your friends; this event is open to all (adult supervision required).

There will be Carnival games to play! Students from 4/5 Labs and middle school will set up carnival-type games to raise money for their school trips. The application form that was emailed to you must be returned by TBD.

There will also be food for purchase while you enjoy the Winter Carnival and the Scholastic Book Fair will be set up.

There will also be around 15-20 volunteer opportunities to volunteer at the Winter Carnival, 5-10 to help decorate the night before and around 7-10 take home projects to do before the Carnival. Stay tuned for the Sign-up Genius in the coming weeks.

We need Volunteers!

How to help:

Volunteers needed to make our Winter Carnival a success. Looking for middle school and high school students interested in earning volunteer hours to help with the crafts! Please follow the link to sign up-you can use your parents account or email Lisa Mackey at to sign up.

Adult volunteers needed(parents, grandparents, extended family) needed as well to supervise and facilitate the crafts. Please sign up with this link.

Have a booth? Have questions?

Check the FAQ:

What can I accept as payment?

Tokens are the main form of payment. If you have a food or merchandise booth, you can also accept cash if you want to.

Does every player get a prize or only the winners of each round?

Entirely up to you. You set up the game as you want.

How much money should each prize cost? What do families spend on prizes (on average)?

Just make sure you will actually have a profit. If you have kids competing, maybe the winner should get a 20cents prize (or 2 prize tickets), second place a 10c price (1 prize ticket)?

You can figure what works best for your game, no rules on this one.

Will our "booth" be in a classroom? Will we be the only booth in the classroom?

All booths are in the gym.

When will we know where we are located?

When you arrive you will be assigned a space.

About how many prizes should I buy?

None. The PTO provides a large prize table and prize tickets to give to the kids (cost is 10 cents/each).

It usually works better as kids can collect prize tickets in many other booths and exchange for what they want at the prize table. You will only pay for the prize tickets you give away, and can return unused ones. .

Do our kids have do do everything themselves, or can family members help her?

Family or friends are welcome to help. It is actually good as the Carnival takes 5 hours, they will need breaks an might want to go visit other booths or make a craft. Your child is definitely allowed to go and enjoy the crafts.

Some people are bringing a sign with them that says, "be back soon" or something like that. You can also run your child's booth for a short time but we really want to make sure that your they are running it for the majority of the time.