Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences Food - Oct/Mar

Parent-Teacher conferences happen twice a year at Excel. During those long, busy (and sometimes challenging) days, the PTO provides their meals so teachers can have the most flexible times to meet with parents. It is also a way to show our appreciation of the teachers and staff, who work hard to make the school the best environment for our kids.

Spring 2019 Sign up:

Conferences Food March 22 and 23:

We have such a hard working staff at Excel Academy. Please help us in providing meals for them during our Parent/Teacher Conferences, March 23 and 24. Remember that for every $10 spent you will earn 1 hour of volunteer time. Don't forget to keep track of all of the time spent on preparing these meals, as all of that time counts towards your volunteer hours. Thank you for all you do to support our staff and our school!

Lunch, 3/22: link coming soon

Dinner, 3/22: link coming soon

Breakfast, 3/23: link coming soon