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Winter Workshop

posted Oct 16, 2014, 3:23 PM by Fernanda Dalcanale

Planning Committee


This great volunteer opportunity is one that can mostly be done at home. We will be putting together a committee of volunteers who want to help in the planning process of the “family favorite” Winter Workshop. The Winter Workshop will be on Saturday, December 6th. During Winter Workshop, we turn the classrooms into fun craft stations for our Excel students (as well as family and friends) to come and make homemade crafts to give as gifts. Please click on the link above to volunteer.

This committee will help choose the crafts. To make sure we have enough items to make the craft, the committee will help organize the items as they come in. You do not need to buy anything, and you do not need to attend the actual event, to be a part of this committee. 


Please email me with questions. Once we have a committee, we will come up with a time when we can all get together to meet.


Please email me with any questions (see contact on sign up genius).