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80+ ways...

80+ ways to get 80 hours

 During School Hours After School Hours At home
1. Volunteer in your child’s classroom

2.  Assist with the lunchtime fun in the cafeteria

3.  Aid in the library with tending to our school’s books

4.  Become a Classroom Parent Coordinator

5.  Drive and chaperone school field trips

6. Help host your child’s Halloween party

7.  Assist your child’s teacher with classroom specific tasks

8.  Sight word tester for the K/1 lab (weekly commitment required)

9.  Assist with your child’s class Winter Holiday Party

10.  Help with K/1 lab Shadow Day

11. Help the music teacher with classroom performances

12.  Fill weekly classroom Friday Folders

13.  Share  special skills or knowledge with a class when it pertains to their school studies

14. Volunteer in your child’s classroom to work with math students on math facts practice

15. Volunteer in your child’s classroom to read with groups of students

16. Volunteer in your child’s classroom to work with math students on math facts practice

17. Help clean classroom after parties

18. Help teacher clean up classroom at the end of the year

1.  Come during the summer to help janitorial staff with school building maintenance

2.  Volunteer to help with the Harvest Festival, which is hosted in October

3. Assist the art department with SPARK

4. Come in prior to SPARK and help hang the art on the hall walls

5. Chaperone an overnight field study for your child’s 2nd-5th grade classes

6. Volunteer to chair a PTO event

7. Attend any of the monthly PTO meetings

8. Help create crafts with our students at Winter Workshop

9. Volunteer for Science and Math Night

10. Volunteer for Registration to work the PTO table

11. Pull weeds and beautify the school campus during the summer

13. Volunteer to be on the planning committee for the annual 5K in May

14. Attend any of the bi-monthly Board meetings 

 Become a PTO board member 

16. Volunteer for Math Night

17. Offer your services to your child’s teacher for room set up at the beginning of the school year

18. Chaperone the middle school girls and boys lock-in

19. Volunteer for Literacy Night

20. Volunteer to supervise and distribute items at our fundraisings

21. Assist our janitorial service with summer painting of the school

22. Assist with daily vacuuming of the school

23.  Volunteer to help for the 5K with intersection safety44. Volunteer to assist the coaching staff with our sports programs

24. Join our  Running Club in the spring to run with/monitor our participants

25. Help hand out race day packets for the 5K Excel-ERATOR before and after school prior to Race Day

26. Come to the 5K Excel ERATOR Race and help with the day’s various tasks

27. Assist the office by taking home and checking off  various forms that come in during Registration

28. Help the technology tech keep our computers clean and updated

29. Chaperone overnight, out-of-state extended field studies for our 6th-8th grade students

30. Help the music teacher with the talent show

31. Assist with maintaining our Lost and Found

32. Speak about your Career at STEM Career Night

33. Assist our custodial staff with painting the outside of the school during the summer month

34. Attend School Board meetings, (double hours)

 Reshelf library books

36. Apply to be on the School Board

37. Help with the Twisted Penny Drive

38. Coordinate parent conferences food

39. Develop a new idea/activity and present it to the PTO

1. Recharging your King Soopers Card  ($200 recharge=1hour)

2. Setting up a recurring or one time donation to the technology fund, playground fund, or general fund ($10=1 hr)

3. Donate items to our Peace Committee for middle school dances

4. Assist as a hospitality host to provide snacks to our staff for a specific week

5. Assist with Staff Appreciation Week

6. Prepare a portion of the Parent/Teacher conference meals

7. Help create crafts and host the classroom Valentine’s Day Party

8. Donate funds to any of our school projects $10=1 hr

9. Donate items to the 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony

10. Assist with counting box tops and Labels for Education

11. Sign up to be a Destination Imagination Coach for one of the teams

12. Help teachers create classroom centers and games

13. Organize K/1 summer play dates

14. Join the Outreach Committee in helping families in times of need

15. Make posters or other publications for special events

16. Help teacher’s set up field studies and trips

17. Assist with our September Trike-A-Thon

18. Help with the logistics of school fundraisers

19. Help collect pictures for the yearbook

20. Help teachers gather material for units of study

21. Donate items for classroom parties

22. Help count volunteer hours logs.

23. Help to keep the PTO website updated

24. Help with Edu-Kit

25. Donate items for the middle school dances

26. Volunteer to do the Scholastic book orders for your child’s classroom

27. Do take-home projects for your child’s teacher