About the PTO

The members of the PTO are:

(a) any parent or legally appointed guardian of a child who is enrolled in the school, including said spouse; and

(b) all teachers and staff of the School, including, without limitation, the Executive Director of the School.

An application for the upcoming election can be found here.

Excel PTO 2017-2018 Board 

(all emails use @excelpto.org)

Suzanne Harris - President    (president@...)

Shelley Smith - Interim Vice President of Volunteers  (vp-volunteers@...)

Brittney Coffey - Vice President   (vp@...)

Dennis Cisco - Treasurer    (treasurer@...)

Laura Payette - Secretary   (secretary@...)

Any questions or concerns please contact us via e-mail.

Non-Profit Status and Information:

Excel PTO
Arvada, Colorado
EIN: 45-2440838
Educational Institutions and Related Activities

PO BOX 740821

Suzanne Harris,
Jan 27, 2016, 10:35 AM