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Laps for Learning - April 20th, 2018

Laps for Learning is an all-school event, in which every child participates! Each lab will run/walk for a designated time allotment during school hours. Our purpose is to promote health and wellness, while raising money that will go directly to the classroom by purchasing new educational tools and classroom materials.

Envelopes with specific information were sent home before Spring Break. Make sure you are using these envelopes to collect cash and checks from your friends, family, and neighbors.

The PTO is looking for volunteers and healthy snacks for race day. Please help us to make this a successful event for the kids and our school. Click on this link to donate time or snacks:

Race times are as follows:

2/3        9:00 am - 9:45 am

4/5        10:00 am - 10:45 am

6/7/8     11:00 am - 11:45 am

K/1        12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Sign up for your child's race time or for the whole day to get your volunteer hours! Food items can be left in the cafeteria on race day and should be to school NO LATER THAN 8:30 am.

Finally, our fundraising prizes for this year are as follows:

The male and female students with the most laps from each classroom will be invited to an Ice Cream party (date TBA). The homeroom having the most laps/student ratio will win the coveted “traveling trophy.” Finally, our fundraising rewards for this year are as follows:

TIER 1 $50 minimum: Drawstring Sports Bag

TIER 2 $100 minimum: Stuffed Eagle with T-shirt

TIER 3 $250 minimum: Pedometer

TIER 4 $500 minimum: Two Day Passes to Boondocks

GRAND PRIZE for top fundraiser: Two Season Passes to Waterworld or Elitch Gardens

To donate online:

Corporate Donations are still be accepted! Please contact Jessica Girvan at for more information and the opportunity to receive advertising on the banner and PTO website.

REMINDER! This is our third, and final, fundraiser of the year and that we are fortunate enough that we can avoid the traditional "selling" type of fundraisers. Any money (including business donations) collected for Laps for Learning can be applied towards volunteer hours ($10=1 hour).

Thanks in advance for your support of Excel Academy, and LET’S RACE!

2018 Sponsors

2017 Laps for Learning Results

Top Fundraisers:
1. Jordan Stremel$760
2. Bryce Langdon $700
3. Orae Morrison $600

Class with Most Laps = Traveling Trophy
K/1 - Maugh
2/3 - Adams
4/5 - Ham
6/7/8 - Hares

Top Boy/Girl each class = Ice Cream Party
Willis (class avg. 12.76)
G: Bailey Chiappetta (16)
B: Paxton Fonte (18)

Zerr (class avg. 11.71)
G: Giada Bruno, Zoe Sachs, Rose Wilson (12)
B: Meekah Mendoza (17)

VanderVeer (class avg. 13.00)
G: Camryn Girvan (16)
B: Nolan Mielke (17)

Maugh (class avg. 13.48)
G: Anistin Martin (18)
B: Caden Koon, Wyatt Roarty (17)
Adams (class avg. 17.92)
G: Savi Dorotik (21)
B: Maxwell Warfield (27)

Coffey (class avg. 17.67)
G: Shushanik Colson, Alison Jefferies (21)
B: Soren Martin (25)

DeAndrea (class avg 17.33)
G: Elizabeth Namba (23)
B: Christian Mundt, Archer White (23)

Ham (class avg. 15.96)
G: Ruby Spencer (20)
B: Beau Work (23)

Namba (class avg. 17.33)
G: Reagan Warfield (21)
B: Logan Oransky (26)
Byers (class avg. 16.20)
G: Makena Knop (21)
B: Evan Raymond (26)

Fell (class avg. 16.20)
G: Kylee Ruhser (20)
B: Kayden Downing, Jordan Stremel (24)

Ham (class avg. 18.08)
G: Elizabeth McDonald (22)
B: Brody Judd (29)

Kaschub (class avg. 16.31)
G: Ellison Namba, Terenn Tracy, Ali-Rae Valentine (19)
B: Lucas Brown (21)

Tomko (class avg. 15.67)
G: Madison Oransky (22)
B: Carson Petz (29)
Hares (6) (class avg. 18.62)
G: Gabrielle Hartman, Kathryn Resendez, Paige Sebastian (23)
B: Chester Nebeker (27)

Lynch (6) (class avg. 17.58)
G: Teagan Tucker (25)
B: Austin Murphy (26)

Cherry (7) (class avg. 17.04)
G: Ella Dolezal, Sierra Haberman (18)
B: John Keleman (29)

Haberman (7) (class avg. 17.50)
G: Gabriella Sias (23)
B: Evan Shanks, William Spencer (27)

Herring (8) (class avg. 16.83)
G: Jocelyn Abernathy, Aneliese Hedges (20)
B: DeAngelo Galvin (33)

Vernec (8) (class avg. 17.26)
G: Kayly Sefcik (30)
B: Jace Long (27)
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