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Box Tops and Labels for Education - Oct/Feb

Time to clip Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels for Education.

BOX TOPS: Cut the box tops from the products you already buy, and send them to school glued to the bubbles form. Collection twice a year. 

Labels for Education: Cut the UPC codes or labels on these products. Glue them on this form.

Send them all to school for Spring collection: Feb 3-16.

All proceeds go directly into learning materials. 

The top 3 collecting classes will earn an extra recess, and the teachers get a $50.00 gift card form Beyond the Blackboard for classroom materials.   

Please email with any questions.

Remember to watch for expired box tops.

See and for more ways to earn.

2015/ 16 Results

Great Job Excel Academy. Our numbers for this collection were the highest they've ever been! This collection we collected 10,681 box tops and 2,515 labels for education. 

Box Top and Labels Top 3 Classes:

Mrs. Coffey 1825 total box tops and labels

Mrs. Tomko 1380 box tops and labels

Ms. Wolcott 1075 box tops and labels

2014/15 Collection Results

Fall: $903.50 (9035 BT) and 3095 Labels

Spring: $580 (5800) box tops and 1435 labels 

Box Top and Labels Top 3 Classes
Mrs. Willis - 1024 total box tops and labels
Mrs. Byers - 919 box tops and labels
Mrs. Coffey - 849 box tops and labels

Box Tops Purchase: History Kits
Location: Ordering
Uses: All labs use these materials
Picture: Coming up

Labels Purchase: Calculators / gym equipment

Location: Library / Gym
Uses: All Labs/ Middle School

Fall 2013/14 Collection Results

Fall: $846.60 (BT) and 2652 labels

Spring: $616.70 and 7650 labels

Purchase: Science Kit
Location: Mrs Habberman Class
Uses: All labs use these materials
Picture: Coming up
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