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Twisted Penny - Sept12-23

2016/2017 (funds this year go to ART department)

Twisted Penny Drive is the most unique fundraiser of the year!

Beginning on Monday, September 12 until September 23, you’ll find containers sitting outside the office labeled with your teacher’s name.

The twisted penny is a fun classroom competition to raise funds for our Specials Departments.  The competition has a daily classroom winner and an assortment of prizes are awarded to the classes over the next two weeks. 

All pennies and paper money (checks included) is counted towards your teacher’s daily total, with the twist coming when you load up the other jugs with any silver coins, (nickels, dimes and quarters). All silver is counted against that teacher’s total amount.

There will be great daily incentives and winners so keep your class amounts climbing by putting in pennies and dollars in your teacher’s jug.

Remember though, the twist is to put silver in other jars which goes against that class total!

Help you child dig up as many pennies as you can find, and if those are in short supply any form of cash/check will help your child's class in the quest to become the twisted penny champions! 

FYI the reigning twisted penny champion is Mrs. Coffey' class! Can her class hold onto the trophy?  Will their be a new champion? Only pennies will tell! See the the daily class prizes on the side bar.



    WEEK 1                                                                                     

    Monday:                     Popsicles and movement (extra recess)

    Tuesday:                    Jammies and Hot Cocoa Bar

    Wednesday:               Root Beer Floats

    Thursday:                   Donuts and Juice in the Morning

    Friday:                        Ice cream creations

    WEEK 2

    Monday:                    Games and cookies (extra recess)

    Tuesday:                   McDonald’s Lunches

    Wednesday:              Pop Corn and movie

    Thursday:                  Ice Cream Creations

    Friday:                       Wild card