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PTO Website Creation Notes

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Notes  to link an existing acct to a Google acct

To Do
-Get rid of comments option on each page
-Get soft-copy of all docs and upload them to correct locations
-Get PTO link added to Excel's website
-Sit down with Kathy and go over design/permissions
-See where the volunteers tab uploads to
-See where the "about the PTO/Contact us goes to
-Update the About the PTO with the new board members.
-Setup permissions with Google Groups
-Create Events page for all events that the PTO sponsors
-Create pages for all committee's including an internal docs sub-page with restricted access.
-Get email address for content management of all new members after the start of the 2012/2013 school year
-Hold a work session with committee chairs on how to use the committees section.  Include the need to use Firefox for content management.
-Add Marketplace-classifieds
Content Owners
Overall owners and permission delegates-Jeremy Hodgson and Kathy PT
About the PTO\Meeting min-PTO Sec
Entertainment Books-
Harvest Festival-
Sally Foster-
Butter Braids-
Winter Workshop-
Math Night-
Science Night-
Science Projects-
Literacy Night-
Box Tops-
Volunteer Hour Tracking-
Weekly Snacks (for teachers)-
Pizza Fridays-
Classroom Volunteers-
Sock Hop-Jeremy Hodgson (
7/8 Fundraising -Felina Marie Tanner

Page changes

 As the 2012/2013 school year starts we want to take a moment and thank the previous PTO board for doing such a wonderful Job the last few years.  All the 2011/2012 events went off without a hitch and that could not have happened without the dedication of the board or the volunteers on each committee.   We look forward to an amazing 2012/2013 school year so make sure you come back often to keep up to date.  Please welcome your new board for the 2012/2013 school year.  This page is still a work in progress so if you have any suggestions please contract Jeremy Hodgson at  Thank you.

Access Controls.  All groups owned by  After the group is created you must make a google email acct too or else group permission on the website don't work.  Go to   o create an email acct.  Any questions see Jeremy Hodgson. Owners
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