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PTO Election Announcement

posted May 6, 2015, 9:01 AM by Fernanda Dalcanale   [ updated May 6, 2015, 9:01 AM ]

The PTO Election Committee announces that will not send ballots home, since there was only one person applying for each PTO Board opening.  According to our by-laws, when this happens there is no need to hold the election. See below the bios of the candidates.

We will be swearing in the new members of the Board at the May 14, 2015 PTO meeting.  Please attend to see this new chapter for the PTO come to fruition. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Excel PTO Board at any time

Election Committee: Emily Bone, Brittney Coffey, Jeremy Hodgson and Elizabeth Douglas.


Excel PTO Board for the 2015-2016 School Year

It is with great celebration that the PTO Election Committee names the new Board of Directors for the 2015-2016 school year.  

Please see below the short bios each person submitted with their application.  If you see them in the school, thank and congratulate them for their dedication to the school.

President - Fernanda Dalcanale

My name is Fernanda Dalcanale. I am the mother of a 3rd grader at Excel, and PTO president since September 2014. I am a Civil Engineer with a PhD in Water Resources Planning and Management. I believe my management skills and experience make me a good fit for the President position. We have been doing what I consider some positive changes in the PTO, and I would like to continue for another year so we can finish what we have planned and make sure there is some knowledge transfer to the new members on the PTO board. Our main goal for the year is to maximize impact in the classroom and the community by simplifying fundraising, directing resources to the classroom, improving communications, and acting on the main responses we obtained in the PTO survey.

Vice President - Alicia Smith-Hoagland

My name is Alicia Smith-Hoagland.  I have lived in Colorado my whole life and in the Arvada area specifically for 10 years.  My son Dylan is in second grade and we have twin toddlers who will also attend Excel in 3 years.  I have been a geriatric physician assistant for nearly 10 years. I have served on leadership boards several times in the past and I understand the challenges involved.  I will bring thoughtfulness, compassion and a “can do” attitude to the PTO meetings. Choosing to send our son to Excel for his education has been a wonderful experience.  We have been constantly impressed about the educational programs, as well as the competent, kind and caring staff and the involved parents.  It is my desire to get more involved with the school by joining the PTO board.  I am excited to serve the Excel community in this way.  

Vice President of Volunteers - Shelley Smith

I respectfully submit my candidacy for the position of VP of Volunteers on the PTO Board.  My experience as an Elementary Educator has given me a broad understanding of the educational community.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida in 2004 and taught in the Orange County School system.  My volunteering experience at Excel Academy for the past three years has helped me learn the unique elements of Excel.  I have enjoyed volunteering in a variety of ways; from the lunchroom, to the classroom, to major fundraising events like Laps for Learning, to being a founding member of the Excel Community Connection.  I have a flexible schedule that allows me to commit to the causes that matter most to me: my family, my community, and my children’s education.  My family is supportive and encouraging of my efforts.  I am extremely passionate about our school and the positive upslope we are on.  I am an excellent fit for this role and able and willing to commit to the responsibilities of this position.

Secretary - Suzanne Harris

I am the current Secretary for the PTO board and would like to continue in this position.  Under the leadership of Fernanda Dalcanale, much has been accomplished and I would like to see some of the goals set this past year come to fruition.  By training, I am a paralegal and have worked in for the same law firm for over 20 years.  Accurate typing and maintaining deadlines are germane to my profession, so I believe I am well-suited for the position.  Further, I have found that being a part of such a dynamic group of people who care as much about the school as I do has been rewarding and worth the time and commitment.

Treasurer - Christine Sanders

Thank you for considering me for the Treasurer position.  To very briefly summarize, my husband and I own multiple companies.  I perform all accounting duties for our businesses and provide reports/documentation to our Corporate Accountant, so that quarterly and annual tax returns are filed timely.  My day-to day accounting responsibilities include: utilizing QuickBooks Pro 2014 to reconcile bank statements, prepare deposits, assigning correct Chart of Accounts for all debit and credit entries, issue check payment to Vendors and organize/document/file all logs, receipts, etc. within and outside of QuickBooks [e.g. invoices that checks are written for, receipts for any credit card charges, etc.  I’m confident my accounting skills and background make me a solid candidate and I would be honored to serve as the next PTO Treasurer.